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  • Lecture 3: Python Basics – User Input

    So far, we’ve learned the basic data types of python by building a program that calculates the sum, difference, and average of two numbers.

  • Course: An Introduction to the Fundamentals of Python

    If you’ve ever used services such as Spotify, Hulu, or Netflix then you’ve been exposed to the endless possibilities of Python. The programming language was released in 1991 by a Dutch programmer named Guido Van Rossum. This high-level object-oriented programming language is versatile in its capabilities. The syntax of Python is similar to English making it easy for the novice programmer to read.

  • Lecture 2: Python basics – Data Types, Product, and Difference

    In this section, we’ll take a look at the main data types you would typically work with in the field of Computer science. Open a Repl instance and type the following: Let’s break this code down for a bit, first we print a statement to the user prompting them that the program calculates the sum […]

  • Lecture 1: Python Basics – Hello World

    Python is a flexible programming language used for several applications, from machine learning to AI, we can also use this language to build software applications using popular frameworks such as Django and Flask. In this first section, we will learn how to write to the console “Hello world!”. We’ll also keep things simple, we’ll be […]

  • An Endless Super Power: The Robust World of Software

    Introduction The world of programming is filled with endless possibilities, from Building Software Applications such as Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify, to Video Streaming Applications that we use such as Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu. Lets not forget about the important software we use on a daily basis from Financial Software for Banks and ATMs, to TurboTax […]