Learning to Code: Top 5 Premium Learning platforms

When it comes to programming, there are several learning resources and tools to help. Listed below are the select few that I believe can help anyone accelerate in the technology realm:

Codecademy Premium

If you’re just starting off on your journey of computer programming, Codecademy is probably one of the best options to kickstart your coding career path. They have several languages to learn such as Python, C#, Java, and Ruby. The built-in console and IDE(Integrated Development Environment) reduce the overhead of setting up local development environments and cuts straight to learning a programming language. The premium subscription offers projects that help you develop a portfolio for employers and give you challenging tasks to complete regarding the programming language you’ve chosen to learn. With that being said, Codecademy is great for a beginner or a person looking to review syntax from an old programming language. If you are a little seasoned as a developer looking to learn new topics, this may not be the right platform to use.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning has a great set of courses to learn computer programming and enables you to display completed courses and work on your professional LinkedIn. The courses provide training for various technology skills. However, if you’re looking to dive deep into a programming subject matter, LinkedIn Learning is a hit a or miss. There are courses that focus on essential training for specific languages such as Ruby, Java, and C#.


Udemy boasts a great set of courses from a variety of instructors. The skills and traits you can learn from this platform are endless. The platform does a massive discounted sale every year, where all price ranges are discounted to only $10 (almost the price of lunch). The caveat to Udemy is that you have to know what you are looking for. Because almost anyone can teach on Udemy, the platform is saturated with a lot of generic information where sometimes best practices in a particular software topic aren’t thoroughly explained correctly. However, if you’re a casual programmer looking to delve into a topic, Udemy may not be a bad choice.


Pluralsight is probably by far one of the best online learning platforms for industry professionals looking to accelerate their careers. The courses are taught by industry professionals themselves, and the library of videos and courses are uploaded on a consistent basis and the content is also designed in a specific and structured way to enhance the user’s learning experience, and from my personal experience. There’s a lot of concepts and terminology that are thoroughly explained within the courses. The caveat to Pluralsight is that even though the courses are made by industry professionals and the topics take a deep dive into some advance topics, the dialogue can often be dull depending on the teacher, and some courses seem to be outdated. However, if you’re a team of professionals looking to accelerate your knowledge in the realm of technology, Pluralsight wouldn’t be a bad choice to consider.

O’Reilly Media

O’reilly media has been a well known company for the premium resources of books that they offer. O’reilly offers certifications for technologies such as AWS, Oracle, Azure, and many more. Alongside access to the vast library of books, you’ll also get access to the several courses, conferences, and specialized learning paths that O’reilly provides. The biggest caveat I would say O’reilly media has is the pricing plan, which is a whopping $499/year or $49/month for a single individual user. However, for a team of professionals looking to expand their skillset within the text industry, O’reilly media seems to be the goat of information offering books and video based courses for any type of learning style.