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  • Object-Oriented Programing: Overview

    Object-Oriented Programming is a programming paradigm that aims to help software developers and engineers create elegant software. This in turn helps to create a simple approach that’s universal to developers. It is highly recommended to have a solid understanding of Classes and Objects as they are fundamental tools used in OOP. The four main pillars […]

  • AWS Lambda: A Brief Introduction

    AWS Lambda functions have revolutionized the way we build applications. The ability to upload code to an AWS infrastructure and utilize the necessary resources without the maintenance of a server has allowed developers to accelerate development time. Before we begin, let’s define what an AWS Lambda’s purpose. AWS Lambda utilizes the necessary resources to perform […]

  • Learning to Code: Top 5 Premium Learning platforms

    When it comes to programming, there are several learning resources and tools to help. Listed below are the select few that I believe can help anyone accelerate in the technology realm: Codecademy Premium If you’re just starting off on your journey of computer programming, Codecademy is probably one of the best options to kickstart your […]

  • Java: Hello Galaxy!

    Today we’ll be looking at a classic program written universally in almost every language. You might be familiar with the classic “Hello World!” program, but in this section, we’ll print out “Hello Galaxy!” instead to keep things entertaining. This is a common program to write when learning a new language, I use this program to […]

  • Object-Oriented Programming: Inheritance

    Inheritance is a pillar of Object-Oriented programming that aims to re-use code written within an application. Inheritance assists in following the DRY principle (Don’t-Repeat-Yourself). Inheritance allows classes to inherit from a parent class. If we discuss this in the context of humans, children can inherit traits from their biological parents such as their eyes, ears, […]

  • Object-Oriented Programming: Objects and Classes

    Object-Oriented Programming is a programming paradigm used in Computer Science and the world of Software Engineering. It is indeed something important to learn, and understand. In order to put things into perspective, an Object is something that derives from a class. The class is a blueprint for Objects. An example of this would be to […]

  • Protected: SQL: A Brief Introduction.

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

  • DevOps: The Glue to Software.

    Most of the occupations I’ve worked in have a concrete definition in terms of what the title entails. For example, a back-end engineer would work primarily on the server-side, which consists of programming languages such as C#, Java, and PHP and frameworks that would probably correlate such as .NET Core, Spring, and Laravel. A front-end […]

  • 8 Things I’ve Learned by the age of 25

    As a child in my youth, I had visions of what my life would look like, and how I would get there. I had this predefined notion of what “success” and what “happiness” was, and while I have reached the age of 25, I still feel as though I have a lot to learn and […]

  • 02. C# Fundamentals: Strings

    Strings are ideally anything that contains quotations around them. We can read Input from the users as Strings, or we can display the string output value to users as well. Let’s continue where we left off from the last articles except Modify the code just a little bit. within the main function of your code […]

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